We are available for any type of photography or video project at any location. We have the top talent and the professional gear necessary to make your day go smoothly. We have $1M liability insurance and full racetrack access. Please use the contact form to let us know what you are looking for and we will discuss how we can provide value for your event. Please note, not all services below are available at all tracks.

Event Inclusive Rates

Offer your participants a unique experience and include the photography as part of the day. We will shoot every participant on and off the track and provide a disc of their photos that very day. We have unparalleled experience with high volume photography distribution. The rates below include up to 4 hours of photography.

Base Fee: $300
Plus each Driver: $10 ea.

Examples (based on number of registered participants):

Drivers / Riders / Participants 10 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 60 80 100 120
Rate $400 $500 $550 $600 $650 $700 $750 $800 $900 $1,100 $1,300 $1,500


Deliver photos on CaliPhoto supplied USB instead of disc: +$3/participant

Deliver photos on your USB drives or custom branded discs: No extra charge

Include Slow Motion video(s): +$5/participant (we offer this as an option for purchase to the participant if not included)

8.5″ x 11″ Glossy Print: +$10/participant (Supply your own frames with or without your branding for a unique experience) *Please contact to confirm availability of this option.

Your logo on each photo: No extra charge (Excellent for free online advertising as the participants post the photos with your logo on them)

Online photo hosting: No extra charge. If your guests aren’t able to get their photos at the event, they will have access to their photos via our hosted gallery. Can be public or password protected gallery.


Hourly Photography Rates

We shoot both on track action and candid pit photos, whichever you prefer. We do not edit the photos and we copy the full resolution digital photos to your laptop, USB thumbdrive or DVD disc(s).
One Photographer – $100/hr
One Photographer and one pits/assistant photographer* – $140/hr
Two or three hour minimum, depending on location. * – Assistant/pits photographer not available at all locations.


Online photo hosting: +$75. Guests can get their photos from our website at no charge. Can be open for all to view or password protected gallery.



It does not cost the organizer anything to have us attend; however, the event should have a minimum of 50 participants* We take photos of all the participants on the track and often in and around the pits as well. We have an on-site display setup where everyone can view their photos and make purchases and we market our photos directly to the participant.

* – If your event has less than 50 participants and would like us to shoot, contact us and we can discuss.