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Sign up early for your photos and get shot extra. Oh! And you don’t have to pay any sales tax! Prices are for one day’s photos, please contact us if you want two days.

Date, Organizer and Run group:
Vehicle Make/Model/Color/Number (if any)/Motorcycle Leathers colors:
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Unlimited photos of ONE driver, ONE run group. Full size JPEG photos delivered same day at the track or via download link after the event.  We typically shoot 4 sessions for bikes and 3 sessions for cars, depending on event schedule.

This early sign-up program is new, so please check in with our staff in the morning to make sure we’re on the look out for you.


In Car Video, GPS data (Auto Club Speedway only)
We use a top of the line AIM motorsports HD in car camera system. It automatically starts and stops recording when you go on track.  Run it all day and get an SD card with the videos the same day.   Mounted via heavy duty suction cup, but can be roll bar mounted for race rules compliance.

Please note, we only have one kit and it is available on a first come, first served basis.

It uses a very fast 10hz GPS and internal accelerometer to gather:

  • Speed
  • G-forces
  • Laptimes
  • Best laptime
  • Trackmap with location

*Please have a cigarette lighter outlet available.  If not available, such as with a gutted race car, then we can work around this with the camera’s internal battery, but it is not ideal.


In Car Video, GPS + OBDII data (Auto Club Speedway only)
Everything from above plus:

  • RPM
  • Throttle position
  • Water temp
  • Intake air temp
  • Gear**

*Car must be 2006 or newer. Some older OBDII cars work, but not guaranteed.  Recommend you sign up for GPS only, swing by our setup in the morning and we can check.  If OBDII works, then we’ll charge the difference.

** Gear not guaranteed to be accurate, the system guesses what gear you’re in.