Operations Coordinator (Office Admin Professional)

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    Job Type:   Part-time, work from home, independent contractor

    Pay:   $15 to $20/hr, depending on experience

    Location:   USA / Canada / etc (no overseas)

    About Us:
    Founded in 2006, CaliPhotography is Southern California's premier motorsports photography company. We create amazing photography and videos from amateur racing and track day events, and display and sell that media on site and online to the participants. We are a small, but stable, company and every member of the team has a large impact and influence on how we do business.


    Role Summary:

    CaliPhotography is looking for a part time, work from home, operations coordinator who will report to the Founder and work directly with the entire team, responsible for many aspects of company operation. You will be engaged in customer service, digital order fulfillment, social media posting and responses, administration and event scheduling, designing and creating reports, minor bookkeeping, ordering inventory, and internet research.

    We’re looking for someone who is smart, analytical, a self-starter, and a quick-learner. An individual who is self-motivated enough to thrive in a business environment without rigid structure, yet detail oriented enough to dot all the i’s. Someone who is extremely comfortable with Windows 10, working with media and files, and with Google Docs/Drive ecosystem.

    Additionally, you will assist, as needed, with Founder's other endeavors.


    • 20-30+ hours per week
    • Must be available for 1-2 hours per day during 10a-3p weekdays (Los Angeles time zone) for customer support


    Role Specifics:

    Working with our dedicated customer support person, you will supplement coverage during normal business hours for emails, processing orders and returning phone calls - no inbound customer phone calls at this time.

    Additionally, you’ll be the point person for event organizers needs. You will engage in administrative tasks such as: event and staff scheduling, confirming with staff and event organizers (via phone, email and/or text), verifying event media is online, confirming media is copied properly between computers, setting up peer photo critiques, ordering supplies, coordinating equipment repairs, and weekly event debrief calls with staff.

    You’ll work with numbers and reports: generating sales reports for the Founder and the staff, verifying staff weekly duties and pay, reconciling sales and deposits. And finally, you’ll work with the Founder to review and suggest better policies, and conduct research for both the company and the Founder, personally.



    • Intelligent and articulate
    • Strong communication and English language skills, both written and verbal
    • Customer-facing attitude
    • Business social media savvy
    • Great with spreadsheets
    • Genuine curiosity to learn new things
    • A go-getter: there is no task too big or too small



    • Computer (laptop or desktop, mac or windows)
    • Fast and stable internet connection (minimum 3 mbit up/down)
    • Mobile phone service for texting (USA numbers)
    • Webcam or Skype phone app (for interview and occasional "face-to-face" meeting with owner)


    Preferred familiarity with

    • Windows 10
    • Google Drive/Docs (and spreadsheets in general)



    • customer service: 1 year
    • office or business management: 1 year (Preferred)
    • social media business accounts: 1 year (preferred)


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